I'm a deep thinker, but never this dramatic. ;) Photo Credit to my former intern, Yehuda Bortz.

About Me:

I am a lighthearted individual that loves being around others. I believe I extract the most out of people because laughter relieves stress and leadership by example empowers a team. I am never too big to do the dirty work and I always make myself available to those in need. In a me first society, I am a team first thinker.

My Resume:

You can also download it here - https://goo.gl/9BNGxz

Some of my Many Skills and Proficiencies: 


Naturally, as a creative I need to be well versed in the Adobe Creative Suite. I have used and familiar with all programs from After Effects to Fireworks.




Of all Adobe programs, Illustrator is my go-to for vector work, layout, and 2d design. I have a very good grasp of the program and can do just about anything in it in regards to 2D work.




I have been using Photoshop for well over a decade. I have used it extensively for just about everything including advanced composites and design.




I have been using WordPress for basic setups like this site, and Woocommerce for  several years now. Of all CMS platforms, WordPress is the platform I feel most confident using.




I used Magento extensively for two years at f-stop (online retail setting). Since then, I have not used it. Luckily all CMS platforms are fairly similar, so getting reacquainted should not be too difficult.




Shopify is a CMS I have grown quite fond of and have used extensively. RGG EDU utilizes a Shopify backend and I have also used this for several client online store projects.




Infusionsoft is an incredibly robust tool built around marketing automation. Unfortunately the CRM side is a bit lacking, but that doesn't take away from what it can do. I ported RGG EDU over to Infusionsoft from Ontraport and MailChimp. I also created webforms and popups for every product page and built automation campaigns for every SKU and gated/triggered action.



MailChimp is the most popular email (automation) marketing platform for small businesses and I used it at both f-stop and RGG EDU. It is incredibly powerful and compatible with just about every CMS platform.  Unfortunately I have not used it enough to become familiar with all the new features.




In regards to Microsoft Office, I have used Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio quite a bit in years past. However, in recent years I have switched to the Mac variants (Pages, Numbers, Keynote).




I graduated the University of Kansas with a BA in Industrial Design. It is a 5 year degree to covers product design, manufacturing, marketing, graphics, and more. Naturally, I had to learn how to use Solidworks to create my 3D designs. This is my go-to for CAD work, but I have also used Rhino, Autodesk Alias, and others. For rendering, I use Keyshot or Bunkspeed.



Of all ad tools, Facebook Ads Manager is by far one of the best and most advanced. I used this extensively at both f-stop and RGG EDU, having built very successful ad campaigns with high ROAS. FB Ads Manager adds new features almost weekly which makes it a platform that requires constant contact with their account managers in order to stay up to date. I had calls with my FB account manager almost every other week.



Every marketer should know Google Analytics and Adwords. I managed both and worked on getting sites properly setup on the backend for proper reporting. Over the years, I have preferred using AdWords for remarketing and Facebook for all forms of digital advertising. Both of these programs are incredibly sophisticated and offer a wealth of valuable metrics.