Digital Flyer - Design/Copywriting/Biz Dev/Marketing

Wacom Giveaway Flyer

I coordinated this co-branded project with Wacom for Renee Robyn and RGG EDU. I built the giveaway via Gleam.IO and created this flyer for the collaborative social sharing for Wacom.

Infographic - Design/Copywriting

Illustrator Personal Project

This was a showcase of what could be done with using visual software to display bullet points.

Print Ad  - Design

Print Ad for Resource Magazine

We were credited a few print ads in Resource Magazine. This is the latest ad we published promoting our Podcast sponsored by SmugMug whom I introduced to RGG EDU. I built this ad in InDesign to print specs and bleed.

Videography -Directing/Scripting/Filming

Personal Project for Kickstarter

I have successfully launched multiple Kickstarters and this was the first personal project that I tried doing with some friends. I designed and built the item in the video. I also scripted, shot, and pieced together the voice over which was edited by Sean Kirkland.

Product Photography

SoIll New Shoe Release

Personal project to help out a friend. I helped provide some conceptual ideas for upcoming shoe launches.

Thumbnails & VIDIQ Optimization

YouTube Optimization

YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. As part of SEO and SEM optimization, YouTube is a fantastic platform for content marketing. In a year I helped double our subscriptions from 20k to 40k with regular quality content posting, completely revised thumbnail structure, addition of YouTube Cards, restructured descriptions, and tag optimization with the assistance of VIDIQ.

You can visit RGG EDU's YouTube page here.

Marketing Lead Magnet - Copywriting/Design/Photography

Affiliate Buyer's Guide

This was created as a potential revenue stream for RGG EDU and an educational product guide to go along with a free tutorial we made. The guide was drilled out over the span of a single day utilizing Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Marketing Lead Magnet - Copywriting/Design/Photography


Content marketing is king. As a freebie for our subscribers and a lead magnet for web visitors, I constructed a quick 14 page e-book to give away in exchange for email information. This would be distributed via pop-up / tagged trigger campaign that would require an email verification in exchange for a digital download link.

Social Media Marketing - Copywriting

RGG EDU Instagram

Social media is about engagement and reinforcing brand values. This is a single prong of a multi-prong holistic marketing approach. Every social outlet has a different user demographic, so the voice can vary slightly. With Instagram, the bulk of users are ages between 18-49 with about 60% between the ages of 18-29.

There's a delicate balance that needs to be played as you want to incite engagement, but you also need to provide context without writing too much. I learned by a good colleague, Chris Burkard, that you never want to talk about what people can already see. The best posts asks questions or offer a back story about the image itself. Posts with hastags generally do better in engagement, but over hashing can provide clutter and noise which detracts and does the opposite.

With RGG EDU, I took it over and started posting regularly for a year. Within that year I grew it from roughly 2k to 16.5k. Posts between 10am and 2pm CST often performed best and single posts generally resulted to equal impressions vs that of multiple posting (content type was a variable). Multiple posting often cannibalized each other when spaced not spaced out by 6 hours or more.

Marketing - Design

Digital Download Boxes

Selling a digital download for $300 is a challenge. So much was needed to be done to add perceived value to our customers from a USP standpoint. I felt that we needed to make our products have a much more tangible feel in order to help potential customers better understand what's included from a visual standpoint - a software box! I created a box for every tutorial and we immediately started pushing the new image. I eventually wanted to make the box unveil an event where there would be a white shroud and the box unveil closer to launch date.

Spring 2015 / Design/Solidworks/Keyshot

Touchcast Design Project

One of f-stop's clients was Touchcast, a company specialized in amateur video broadcasting built around iOS devices. My team and I built several rough prototypes that were pitched to Apple to be sold in their store. We designed several things from sliders to this gimbal, as well as retail boxes for the products. The preview to the left shows a several slide rendering/callout created for part of a keynote shown at Apple. These renderings were built/designed in Solidworks by me and rendered in Keyshot.

For more on Touchcast, check them out here - Link.

March 2016

Welcome To Dribbble

In 2016, I was invited to join Dribbble from a former team member at f-stop, Chris Doner. As something fun and quirky, I made a GIF as my first Dribbble to thank him. To make this, I rendered a video of a 3D model I created in Solidworks. I then overlayed motion graphics via Adobe After Effects.

I'm not as active on Dribble as I should be, but you can visit my page here.

Marketing - Design/Copywriting/Photography

Product Page for New Mountain Series

One of the last projects I helped execute with my team at f-stop. We had a new product line in the current gen Mountain Series bags. We broke down the latest USPs utilizing powerful visuals shot by me and user testimonies by our product ambassadors. I was in charge of providing my team direction and content for the product pages.

This can be viewed live now at On the back end, we made sure all text was searchable and optimized the page for quick load times. We also metatagged all images to improve SEO and image searchability on Google. When searching the components on our bags, we show up in the first page every time.

Winter 2015 - Design

Marko Project for Ochre

A contract ideation/design job for Ochre. They wanted to design and build an RFID tracker. Unfortunately, they were not able to get the engineering sorted out, so the project never escalated past renderings.

Winter 2015 - Design/Photography/Copywriting

Kickstarter Project - Kashmir UL

Kashmir UL was a successful Kickstarter project for a female specific adventure camera bag. I was in charge of coordinating samples, photography, copywriting, marketing, media, and leading the headquarter based team to complete all graphics for the project.

We had a shoestring budget of essentially just bags and somehow we managed to get funded without spending a single dime on digital ads. This product was featured on PetaPixel, Fstoppers, DPreview, OutsideOnline, and many others.

The project can be found here - Link.

Social Media Marketing - Copywriting


f-stop's Instagram was a fun visual storytelling project. I built it from 0 all the way to 52k before my departure. Using this platform for adventure backpacks was easy because the content was always interesting. I had fun putting together a structure to reinforce the lifestyle we were trying to sell and I believe I achieved just that.

We spotlighted customers frequently and got users to tag us in their posts. We also had our ambassadors provide us with beautiful selfies with our gear and built a massive library of beautiful images to share and tell a story. We dominated hashtags #GearShot #InMyBag and more.

It's been a while since I've been involved with this account, but it can be viewed now at

October 2014 - Design

Synek Beer Project

At f-stop, we had a product division called Karya where we helped smaller companies with design, marketing, and manufacturing. Synek was a special project because they raised over 750k on Kickstarter and hundreds of thousands more in local angel funding competitions. Synek is essentially a Keurig for beer. I worked with Synek and an engineer to help with a production prototype. Unfortunately, the final design differed a bit from my design but it retained the overall shape and some of the look.

For more info on Synek, check them out here.

May 2014 - Marketing/Design/Photography/Copywriting

Tiny ICU Product Launch

How do you make a mediocre product attractive? =) This product was an overpriced padded case ($50) that had no specific function before given to me to launch. However, it was a challenge that I enjoyed. With less than a week to work with, I managed to create some USPs and built an entire campaign around it.

This product page actually still loves on the f-stop site despite this model being discontinued for a newer model - Link.

April 2014 - Marketing/Design/Photography/Copywriting

Loka UL Product Launch

One of the biggest launches ever done at f-stop in '14. This bag had an extensive launch strategy where we had 20 samples to spread throughout media and our ambassador team. This was seeded, featured, and reviewed by nearly all of the top photo media outlets including,,, DigitalPhotographySchool,, OutsideOnline, PopPhoto, and more. The bag was also used by video/photo standouts Chris Burkard and YouTube Phenom, Devin Graham.

This product page actually still lives on the f-stop site despite this model being discontinued for a newer model - Link.

2012-2013- Marketing


One of the most successful campaigns I've ever helped produce. With a shoestring budget, I hired a videographer I have never met out of British Columbia help me shoot product videos and create a series for f-stop dubbed, "Life in Focus". I was able arrange a dozen short sessions where Cameron Sylvester (name of the videographer) would go out, sleep on an ambassador's couch, and document their life for a week. The series brought in over a million combined views and was shared by all photo media and other powerhouses like Outside Online, Hypebeast, and Yahoo.

The series then ended with a changes of upper management that failed to see the value of the series which essentially put f-stop on the global map. It also died off when our videographer was chased away to take on a full time position filming for brands like Red Bull.

You can view this episode along with several others on PetaPixel at here - Link.